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Support the Grand Canyon Wolf Recovery Project

BEdwards drawing 2016 resized“The wolves are not fully recovered, but that’s what we howl for.”

Brianna Edwards, 11 years old, wants to see wolves fully recovered in the Grand Canyon region. She hopes that the next generation of children can hear the howl of wolves in the wild in northern Arizona.

We agree wholeheartedly with Brianna and know that you do, too! Thank you for all of your past support. Without you, we couldn’t do what must be done to ensure the wolves’ existence long into the future.

We envision a future where a thriving and growing population of wild wolves roam freely and safely across the region’s healthy landscape. Grand Canyon Wolf Recovery Project (GCWRP) is committed to our shared dream, no matter what the charged and changed political landscape of 2017 may bring to Mexican wolf recovery.

Now more than ever we need to join forces to protect what we love and value most and safeguard those that cannot protect themselves. We know that you love the wolves as much as we do, so please help them today by making a generous gift.

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Urgent Action Needed!

Please plan to give oral testimony to the Arizona Game and Fish Commission on December 2nd & 3rd, 2016

AZGF commission actionalert image Oct2016The Arizona Game and Fish Commission has proposed a new rule change in another attempt to drive the Mexican gray wolf to extinction. The rule change would require the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to get a state permit before releasing any additional Mexican gray wolves into the wild, but the state's ongoing opposition to wolves is already painfully clear. This new change would make it even harder for the federal government to do its job and recover lobos.

Act Now!

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